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You don't even know me, why do you hate me?
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You don't even know me, why do you hate me?
запретите мне слушать msp, смотреть на msp, запретите мне мечтать и хотеть назад в UK.

@музыка: Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster

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You don't even know me, why do you hate me?
[05.11.2010 19:17:12] Alice Smith: hi
[05.11.2010 19:45:52] Alice Smith: r u here, d-crab?
[05.11.2010 19:47:57] Olga: hey hey
[05.11.2010 19:48:02] Olga: was just making dinner
[05.11.2010 19:48:15] Alice Smith: oh)
[05.11.2010 19:48:34] Olga: superhungry
[05.11.2010 19:48:41] Alice Smith: so what r u having for dinner?)
[05.11.2010 19:49:07] Alice Smith: and y disaster crab?)
[05.11.2010 19:49:43] Olga: missed a deadline today because THREE different printers were broken, then got soaked in the rain
[05.11.2010 19:50:12] Alice Smith: oh my, how r u now?
[05.11.2010 19:50:20] Olga: wet and hungry)
[05.11.2010 19:51:13] Alice Smith: at least u can satisfy your hunger soon)
[05.11.2010 19:51:29] Alice Smith: and dry yourself, eh)
[05.11.2010 19:51:36] Olga: yup^^
[05.11.2010 19:52:28] Alice Smith: I'm still suspiciuos 'bout new MSP album. too paranoid to listen
[05.11.2010 19:52:36] Alice Smith: oh.my.god
[05.11.2010 19:52:46] Olga: how so?
[05.11.2010 19:52:51] Alice Smith: dunno
[05.11.2010 19:54:01] Alice Smith: I'm just afraid I will not like it at all and will get that impression wich ruins everything doh
[05.11.2010 19:54:19] Olga: well maybe it'll grow on you anyway
[05.11.2010 19:54:35] Alice Smith: I'm not so sure dammit
[05.11.2010 19:55:41] Alice Smith: but I will always love and appreciate Nicky's legs anyway :D
[05.11.2010 19:55:52] Olga: haha
[05.11.2010 19:56:00] Alice Smith: his legs are epic
[05.11.2010 19:56:13] Alice Smith: when i say epic i mean E-P-I-C
[05.11.2010 19:56:25] Alice Smith: fuck yeah
[05.11.2010 19:56:28] Olga: i believe you
[05.11.2010 19:56:38] Alice Smith: oh and his eyes
[05.11.2010 19:56:54] Alice Smith: the bluest eyes in wales
[05.11.2010 19:57:05] Alice Smith: dammit :D
[05.11.2010 19:57:47] Alice Smith: I'm a fangirl, smart, nerdy fangilrl (c)
[05.11.2010 19:58:52] Olga: where's that from? ^^
[05.11.2010 20:00:25] Alice Smith: my own quotation :D actually it was taken from one dem with Ten saying - I have fangirls, smart, nerdy fangirls. beat that pattinson
[05.11.2010 20:01:20] Alice Smith: not quite smart, but nerdy haha)))
[05.11.2010 20:02:57] Olga: Ten? Dr Who?
[05.11.2010 20:03:13] Alice Smith: oh yeahs
[05.11.2010 20:04:34] Olga: i seeee

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